How do I order lunch in the canteen?

1) I need to set up my student card at the KAS Computer Science Centre. Once I receive it, I have to wait one day before it is active. Then I can go to the canteen, where I can charge it at the cash desk either by cash or credit card. This is for at least the price of one lunch. The credit must always be at least equal to the price of the lunch(es) I want to order.

2) In order to log into the ordering system, I must generate a password in the cafeteria. I will do this on the tablets in the cafeteria. There are three tablets on the wall and columns for this purpose. I attach my card and a button appears on the top right of the screen, when I press it, my password appears in red on the bottom line, which I use to log into the canteen’s electronic ordering system.

3) I can order lunch electronically from anywhere just through the canteen website: I must order at least one day in advance (i.e. today for tomorrow), and no later than 11.00 am. I can order in advance for all days that are already active, usually a week in advance. I can order food either to be eaten directly in the canteen or as packed food that I just pick up in the canteen and take away. You can always order from four meals either on their own or with soup.

4) Just as I have to order a meal the day before, I can also cancel it the day before if necessary, again no later than 11.00 am. If I can’t make it, it can still be put into the food exchange after this time (I always do this in the ordering system on the line after the meal), giving someone else the chance to order it in this way. If this happens, the meal falls to the new orderer and with it the financial obligation (the price of the meal). If no one picks up the food I offer from the exchange, the financial obligation for the ordered food goes to me in full.

5) If I don’t manage to order a meal, I can also find many dishes from the canteen from the minute kitchen, which I can order and consume anytime on the spot from 11.00 to 14.00